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We understand the youth in our care face many daunting challenges including abuse, neglect, separation and displacement issues.  To help alleviate the trauma associated with their experiences and to aid in successful treatment, our residents have a place they can call home – a non-institutional setting with personal touches throughout.  Whether eating together around the dining room table or taking the time to recognize the accomplishments of our youth, our priority is to provide stability and the boundaries of a loving home.


We believe that our residents not only deserve thoughtful concern and caring support, but also require the best in therapeutic care. Our home offers a high quality therapeutic program within its environment. Pairing our commitment to professional and skilled care with the sincere compassion vital to the overall growth of our youth has proven to be an effective and valuable combination.


 A primary objective of MHYD is to educate and empower youth for independence integrating them into conventional living arrangements. We work to accomplish this through a comprehensive approach, including

  • Educational planning assistance

  • Independent living skills development

  • Behavior management and modification

  • Health and medication service provision

  • Recreational programming

This treatment approach along with one-on-one support and the opportunity to develop advanced independent living skills, provides residents with the proper tools needed to achieve independence confidently taking their place in mainstream society.


 We encourage formal and informal community partnerships that will positively influence our youth while promoting a sense of belonging and responsibility. MHYD is fortunate to have ongoing partnerships with community volunteers and professionals, including a member of the Cincinnati Police Department, who consistently provide words of encouragement, support and instruction to our residents. Our home is especially appreciative or our relationship with agencies in our community that serve our residents and help make it possible for us to reach out and change the lives our youth in need.   

Residential: Resources

Placement Requests

Please contact our main office or reach out to the email address listed below. 

Office Phone: 513.221.4993

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